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Writer's Block: Another sleepless night

Do you suffer from occasional or frequent insomnia? Do you have any special tricks or remedies? How does it impact your life?

I wish I could say I didn't, but I do. I've actually been suffering from it of late again, and had forgotten just how horrible it can be. Especially when you have an actual life to lead. 

I know I've had it on and off since I was a teen, but I've been lucky the last year or two and have only had it sporadically. I usually try everything I can think of to dispel it as well. Horlicks, lavender, chamomile tea, new bedsheets, new pyjamas, aired room, hot water bottle, relaxation exercises, counting sheep, herbal remedies, changed diet (less caffeine for a start, cut out alcohol etc etc) and every recommendation the internet will throw up. As a last resort, I'll go to the doctor and ask for sleeping pills. I don't like to take them, and the fact that I rarely go to the doctor means they're disinclined to give them to me, and I always come out with the least effective, or in my case, totally ineffective sleeping tablets. I do prefer to get my sleep back naturally if at all, but that's mostly easier said than done. 

When I do have insomnia, well, it depends on what's going on in my life as regards how it is affected. If I have college/work/anything to do, it tends to suffer, at least for the first while when I'm spending the night trying in vain to sleep. If it's during the summer when I'm not in college, it's not so bad because I know my sleep pattern isn't important. I find when it is important it makes it twice as hard to deal with the insomnia though, because you know you have a fairly set time when you can sleep, and if you don't sleep then, you have a choice: suffer through the day at college or work, or miss it and sleep when you can during the day. Neither choice is ideal but what can you do?


 So.. so.. tired.

I bought a lovely girly scrubbing brush though. It gives me happiness that I never expected of a pink, flowery object of cleaning. :D

Would you want the nation to know?


HOW is this classed as front page news? She's a society kid so it's a HEADLINE? It's the second most important story of the day according to the Irish Independent folks. My faith in the newspaper buying public is, to say the least, shaky right now.

Not that I don't believe that plastic surgery botches should be reported. In all fairness the company involved in her case, Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, were pulling fast ones left, right, and centre, flying in surgeons for one day to do a multitude of operations, with a minimal amount of after-care, and plenty of botched surgeries left in their wakes. They should be hung, drawn and quartered for what they did to people. I myself went for a consultation in the surgery in Galway, and was told they could operate on me within a month. Lucky for me, I couldn't come up with the €8000 or so needed for the procedure that rapid. Since then I've been referred to my local hospital, and was told in order to do the procedure (breast reduction surgery, the same procedure the woman the article is about had done) I would have to give up smoking, lose enough weight to be within my B.M.I. and generally be in good health. And they're bloody strict about it too may I add. 

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery? No such qualms once I could hand over the money. They honestly didn't care. I was never warned of nipple necrosis (this basically means that after the surgery, your nipples rot and fall off.... sexy) or any of the other risks, just a "hmmm, yeah, you're a perfect candidate". In the local hospital, I've been even warned of the chances of death. It's *almost* as if they were trying to talk me out if it, instead of into it.

Huge differences, and those are the ones that can make or break you.

In any case, fair play to her for taking the case, even though I wouldn't be quite happy with the nation knowing if my nipples had rotted or not!

Dexter Season 4

 Fuck me it's deadly. Just finished watching episode 5, "Dirty Harry". Excellent. Especially Jennifer Carpenter. She has some real talent. Pure emotion in her scenes, gave me chills. I think she may just be my new favourite actress. ♥

A Lost Boy

Corey Haim is dead :'(


This makes me sad, I loved the Lost Boys, and also it's horrible to see people succumb to such a lonely death. But hey, we all die alone I suppose. And I'm always slightly jealous of people who've passed. I like to think they're pain and stress free, and happy. I could be wrong. There could be nothing after death, which wouldn't be so bad (because if there's nothing, well, there's nothing to worry about or feel etc), but if it's fiery hell and torture.. well.. that's another story altogether isn't it?

In other news: The Volvo Ocean Race will be finishing in Galway in 2012. That'll be fun. Lets see if I can keep this apartment for that long in that case, seeing as how I live right beside the docks... Gwen will more than likely be moving to Dublin in September [:'(] Which leaves me pondering the choice of whether to find a new place to live, or find someone to move in here in her place... it's weighing on my mind because I REALLY don't want to move again for a while, I'm sick of it to be brutally honest. I've moved nine times in five years; you'd be sick of it too. Maybe I'm just (finally) growing up.

Edit: Assumption is the mother of all fuckups. He didn't die alone, his mom was with him. Could have been the flu, could have been drugs, could have been his time. Still sad no matter what though.  I'm going to go ahead and blame The Thrills for it however. 

Writer's Block: 420 friendly?

A number of U.S. states are planning to legalize marijuana. Do you agree or disagree with this policy, and why?

ugh this didn't save the first two times I answered grrrr!

I believe that it is right to legalize, for the simple fact that people should be able to choose whether or not they'd like to get stoned, much the same as they currently choose whether or not they'd like to get drunk. It would also generate much needed revenue from tax, and in all fairness, it being RAG week in Galway this week (to the uninitiated, RAG (Raising and Giving) week is a week in college which is meant to be about raising money for charity, but is more about students getting hammered drunk for the week and leaving carnage in their wake) I can honestly say I'd be a happier person if each student was stoned instead of dangerously drunk. They would be safer, and so would I. It works out well for all involved.
I think I just might resurrect this. Hello, anyone I used to be friends with here, do you still use livejournal??

I miss this though. 

And I suppose an update is in order.

I'm now in University. Oh yay. I'd need to start going in more though, or else I will fail my first year. To fail or not to fail..... ecumenical matters and all that jazz.. Life is good though. Trying to be all healthy. Not smoking anymore, eating healthy, sometimes going to the gym. I have my relapses but for the most part am being extremely sensible and.. boring.


Suggestions here pls.

Zoomy zoom zoom

This is going to be a hella pointless post. In fact, I am going to make tea, then come back to it... fnaar!

Now I have returned from my tea making adventure. So I shall tell what's happened since last April. I'm single, in college (moslty, even though I prefer to call it school... because that's what it feels like.. ) and I have no idea what else has happened.... going to see Shining in Cork on Friday, and Judas Priest, Megadeth and Testament on Feb 10th... cannot fucking wait!

*happy dance*


It's all dooooom!!! I forgot about this again... hmmm wonder is anyone still on it even..

Anyhoo, Galways going grand, jobless again, but have a boyfriend, and all seems to be going well. And I actually want a job this lack of employment period thing, I'm just still too lazy to look for one :(

I'm going to eat some chocolate and have a fart now.

The End.

Jun. 22nd, 2007


So I don't forget it, and so that you lot sign it.

Oh and if you don't know darkplace, then...

Also, the guy who plays Dr Lucien Sanchez in that, does the voice of the volcano in this ad..